Buggies are now available to hire and are limited to ONE PER PLAYER unless playing with someone from the same household – proof of which must be given at time of check in.

Any members found breaching this rule will be asked to leave the course immediately.

To book your buggies please send a message to our Members WhatsApp Service stating the day and time of your booking. Please ensure you have a tee time booked before booking a buggy to avoid disappointment. Please note this service is now only monitored during business hours and will be issued on a first come first serve basis. The advanced booking window for buggies mirrors that of tee times (seven days).

Due to the restrictions, we do ask that short term the hire of buggies is preferably for medical use only. We will do our best to prioritise medical use requests but please bear with us as the amount of messages we are still receiving may cause a delay.

We have 16 buggies available to hire during this time. As we are running with a limited team, we can only clean buggies overnight meaning after one use of each buggy they will be unavailable to use again that day. To ensure your health and safety at this time we do recommend you bring your own disinfectant and wipes to ensure maximum safety. Buggies are hired at your own risk.

To collect your buggy on arrival please follow the steps below:

  1. Check in via WhatsApp/Phone as usual and state ‘Buggy booked’
  2. You will be instructed to make your way down to the clubhouse five minutes before your time (unless using the Driving Range) to collect your buggy.
  3. Payment MUST be made via contactless payment. If you do not have this facility please state so upon booking and we can take payment over the phone in advance
  4. Remember – ONE PLAYER PER BUGGY unless from the same household – proof will be needed.
  5. Once you have completed your round please follow the directional signs around the clubhouse and return your buggy to the designated area.


These steps have been put in place to ensure the safety of staff and guests, and they must be followed.

Buggy Prices are as follows.

  • Member 18 Holes before 2.00pm – £30.00
  • Member 18 Holes after 2.00pm – £15.00
  • Member 9 Holes before 2.00pm – £20.00
  • Member 9 Holes after 2.00pm – £12.50

Because of the limited availability, Buggy Memberships will be allowed HOWEVER, they will only allow a £15 discount on the prices above, per buggy, at any time during the day.

Any remaining balance must be paid on arrival by the steps listed above; i.e. Buggy Members pay 1 buggy credit + £15.00 for 18 holes before 2.00pm. Buggies after 2.00pm will be free of charge to Buggy Members.

We understand this situation is not ideal, however due to current restrictions buggies and the like are extremely limited and we must therefore charge a premium. Once restrictions begin to lift we will be able to slowly lower the cost.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.