Uses Of Function Rooms – Stonebridge Golf Venue Hire in Coventry

Learn about function rooms uses and reasons you need venue hire Coventry. There are so many reasons a venue can be helpful when celebrating an event. Here at Stonebridge Golf we can help you celebrate with our venues as we know you don’t always get opportunities to celebrate so you need to enjoy the times you get the chance to celebrate. From a baby shower to a birthday meal, venues all over can help with your celebrations by providing you with the space you require and the staff you need to make your day a success.


What Can A Venue Be Used For?


Baby Showers


When it comes to celebrating, nothing is worth celebrating more than the birth of a baby. Having a child is one of the biggest honours a parent can acknowledge. Throwing a baby shower can be a wanted distraction for parents nearing the due-date of their child and it is an event that can bring the whole family together.


When planning baby showers it shouldn’t be at the mum-to-be’s house. This is because they will not want to worry about clearing up after their guests and it can turn an exciting day into an exhausting, stressful one.


You should consider venue hire because they are usually low in costs, venues have staff to clean up after guests and you don’t have to worry about making the food. The main focus can be on celebrating the pregnancy and the due date that is right around the corner. Venues have vast amounts of space to seat everyone, as well as having space to play party games, eat food and have displays of the presents and cakes.


Birthday Parties/Meals


When planning a birthday event you should always consider the person whose birthday it is, their upcoming age, how many people will want to celebrate the party and if it is at night will they want food served? Finding answers to these questions will massively help when deciding what venue you would like for the birthday party.


If you pick a venue that supplies you with access to an events team like the events team at Stonebridge Golf, you can get professional help on throwing the perfect event. You can choose from a range of food suggestions, seating suggestions and this venue can accommodate 200 people.


Sport Team Events & Presentations


At the end of every year, sports teams normally have award ceremonies to celebrate the successes of the season. These teams need a venue to seat players and their families. The venue will need enough space to display all the medals/trophies and will require facilities to cater many people with available seating and enough room to celebrate. Depending on the demographic of the team, they may want a DJ to help improve the atmosphere of the evening.




Attending a christening is a wonderful reason for the whole family to get together. Religious or not, people can still attend and enjoy the occasion. A traditional christening after party tends to have finger foods and seating to allow conversations to flow between relatives who haven’t seen each other in a while.


If you are interested in celebrating after a christening you should find a venue that can hold enough seats and can also provide food and drinks. The atmosphere should also be child friendly as members of your family may have small children. You could also find a venue with an outside area to perhaps put up a bouncy castle and some other child friendly equipment to create a celebratory environment.


Relaxed Hen Dos


Perhaps this isn’t your first wedding or you’ve experienced other hen dos and have decided that going out partying isn’t for you. You should then consider a private venue to house all of your hens. You’d have your own personal menu, a private bar and plenty of space for the people closest to you to celebrate this amazing time in your life. Agreeing to marry someone is not something that happens often, so you should celebrate when it does!


Stonebridge Golf Bridge Suite


Here at stonebridge our private venue is the answer to all of your problems. One venue is our wonderful Bridge Suite which can seat 150 people and an extra 50 standing. This venue is ideal for every purpose listed above and our event planners, bar staff and waiters/waitresses are all welcoming, bringing smiles to you on your big occasion.


If you are interested in hiring our Bridge Suite for any event then give our event specialists at Stonebridge Golf a call on 01676 522442.