What Makes Us The Perfect Wedding Venue?

Choosing that special place to hold your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your big day. There are many different options available, and it can be quite difficult to make your final selection. To make it easier, consider what is important to the two of you and look at what makes a good wedding venue.

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How many of your family and friends can the venue hold? If you have a small, intimate wedding then you do not want a huge room that will swallow up your party. Equally, if you have a large guest list then you want the space to hold them all comfortably.

What kind of catering can be provided? The meal is a big part of the celebrations, and it is important to have exactly what you imagined. It could be that you prefer something informal, such as a finger buffet. If, however, you wanted a sit-down meal with several courses, then the venue should be happy to offer what you require. There may be some of your guests that have dietary needs, or perhaps you have little ones attending and you want special options to offer them. We understand this at Stonebridge, and our experienced team will make sure the food served is to your specification.

bride-dress-hands-35981Is there a full bar or are there limitations that will spoil your party? Not all venues have a permanent bar in place, so there may be a narrow selection of drinks that you can choose from. You should also ask about the bar staff and how many will be on duty to understand if your guests will be served in a timely way.

Where will photographs be taken? There needs to be a beautiful backdrop close by so that all of the photographs will look stunning. A gorgeous setting where there is plenty of space for the group photographs, with intimate spots for the couple portraits, should be available. A golf course is a great venue for this, the views across the greens are stunning and there is a huge amount of outdoor space for beautiful wedding day pictures.

The ease of transportation and availability of hotels should be considered. Some of your party might need to travel longer distances, and you might want a special hotel room for the night, so look closely at what is available in the area.

The budget also needs some serious consideration. Reasonable prices that include all the things you imagined with no hidden surprises is very important.


Stonebridge has every element of what makes a great wedding venue, including the lovely setting and closeness to a number of hotels and transport links. Our team has lots of experience when it comes to making sure every detail of each wedding is perfect, and we are happy to answer any questions, thoughts or queries you may have.


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